Bucket List

Brian’s Bucket List

Most people have a list of Things they Want to do in Life.  Maybe it’s written down, maybe it’s just in their head.  Mine is published on line for everyone to see and I’ll write a blog post about each one when I complete it.

My main goal since graduating college and taking on the world has been to travel and surf on all 7 continents before I’m 30.  At 28 years old I have travel and surfed on 5 of the 7 continents.  Africa and Antarctica being the ones left.  That was the extent of my bucket list until I started developing this page for my website.  This is what I came up with.

Places to SEE
Great wall of China
Pyramids of Egypt
Macchu Picchu in Peru – Completed 2010
Taj Mahal in India
Angkor Wat in Cambodia – Completed 2013
Great Barrier Reef –  Completed 2014

Places to Surf
Hawaii – Completed 2011 and 2012
Indonesia – Completed 2013 and 2014
Australia – Completed 2014
Peru – Completed 2010
South Africa –

Things to DO
Scuba dive – Completed 2014
Sky dive
Running with the Bulls
Safari in Africa

For my grown up self
Own a home
Have a veg garden
Write a book
Run a marathon
Visit Venice Italy with my Wife
Antarctica the last continent.