This is the story of how Wild Life Of Brian came to be..

During my senior year of college I decided that I wanted to enjoy life rather than sit behind a desk.   My finance degree would undoubtedly keep me very bored in an office.  At that point in my life I looked at the decision like this, either get an office job that pays well and have two weeks of vacation a year or go seek out jobs that I love and that feel like vacation all the time. Obviously I choose the latter and because of that my life has basically been one big adventure.

Just weeks after my 22nd birthday and days after graduating from college, I loaded my truck full of camping gear, clothes, books, and surfboards; all the possessions I thought I would need as I ventured into a new chapter in my life.   Read the First Solo Roadtrip blog.

I had almost no money and only a vague idea of what I was going to do.  I had locked down a job in the Boundary Water Wilderness area between Minnesota and Canada working as a canoe and fishing guide.  After that summer job ended I wanted to GO WEST stopping at National Parks and work at a ski resort for the winter.

When I took off into the unknown in May of 2007 I could have never imagined what lay before, the amazing things I would accomplish and the friends I would make along the way.

This blog was created to document the countries I’ve traveled and the places I’ve worked and to possibly help others who need some motivation to get up and go.

Want to know more read this blog article  http://wildlifeofbrian.com/started-adventure-now-life-2/

Ko Pha Ngan Thailand