Road Trips

Road Tripping is an American past time.  When I think of the early days of road-tripping I see families packing up their cars in Chicago and driving across the country on old Route 66 heading to new beginnings in California. Traditionally that is how road trips begin, you have a final destination in mind and want to stop at some places along the way.  In these times we live in now, it’s not always the destination that we all look forward to, but the journey that is our favorite part.

I consider myself a professional road tripper, and I can say this because for two summers I did get paid to take people on road trips around the USA.  I have driven across the country more times than I can count and have been to 43 of the 50 states. To read some of the funny stories that happened to me while on the road check out my (blog)


going back in time

My road tripping career started as a child and probably looked a lot like the National Lampoon movies.  Mom, Dad, brother, sister, and myself piling into the family mini van and driving from Florida to New York to visit the grandparents and large extended family.  The drive can actually be done in about 24 hours and when I was young that’s what we used to do, drive straight through with my parents praying that us kids will sleep the whole way.  As the kids got older, my parents started to stop at places along the way to add some excitement to the trip for us.  Stops like the Major League Baseball museum, the Appalachian Mountains,  and Maryland beach and boardwalk are a few I remember.  We also went to cities like Philadelphia and Washington DC and we always headed to New York City for a day while we stayed in Long Island with the grandparents.  I know it was a headache at times for my parents to take us on these trips but it was also very worthwhile.  For me it was the beginning of an eye opening experience that there is more in this world than the city you grow up in.

High school and college..


The first solo raod trip.