Trekking Chaing Mai

The thing to do when you arrive in Chaing Mai, Thailand is to book a trek into the mountains (more like hills) to visit some local tribes, take in the natural beauty of the area, and ride an elephant! I was most excited about carrying my backpack into the hills and living the simple life; no electricity, no hot water, and only the food you carry on your back, or kill along the way. Mindy was mostly along to ride an elephant. So we booked a 3-day  2-night trek and hoped to meet some cool new friends.

Day 1
We get picked up at 10am from our Hotel and cram into the back of this modified pickup truck with 9 other backpackers all from Europe (Austria, Holland, Poland, France, and Spain). We have a driver and a tour guide. The tour guides name is Yoe pronounced YO! Which would account for some good times and funny stories later.

Hiking on the first day, a little up, a little down.


We arrive at Elephant Camp and it’s Mindys’ time to shine. She rides up close and personal and I take the comfy seat up high off the smelly, dirty, hairy, elephant skin.


The bungalow for our first night accomodation. Elevatated 15 ft off the ground.   Amazing the way they construct the floors with bamboo supports and then flat pieces on top.  It feels like your going to fall through but they are actually really strong.


Day 2.

First we went to a waterfall slide for about 2 hours, went swimming and ate lunch.  We started hiking at the hottest time of the day and most of the hike was up hill. It takes us about 4 hours with many many stops.  We were not in a rush, Thai time is slower than Spanish time.


Mindy and our tourguide Yoe.  His tattoo says, “You’ll never walk alone.”  Right before this picture Mindy said, “Yo, Will you take a picture with me?”  Another funny one from Mindy was on day 1 when she said, “I’m going to fall down this hill yo.”


A view near the top, almost to the Lahu Village.


Local man at work with his machete, the kid was copying him with a little stick trying to chop the wood just like pappa.


Sunset from on top of the village in Northern Thailand.


A look at the inside of our bungalow on Night 2.


The young kids from the tribe sang to us while we sat around the campfire drinking Thai Whisky.  No the tall one on the right is  Arthur a french guy that was on the trip.


The Thai Whisky is a funny story.  After dinner I asked, “Can we get some whisky around here Yo?” and he said yes I will take you there.  At first I thought he was kidding but he was not.  There was a village store that had local Thai Whisky, it was only 60 proof but did have a little bite.  You are not supposed to mix it with anything just sip it like a fine scotch, but a fine scotch it is not..  Before we bought a 1/2 litre bottle for 150 baht ($5) they had given me 4 shots of the store keepers bottle.

Day 3.

We hike again, mostly downhill today.


We arrive at this waterfall.  About half way done for the day.


We end the day white water rafting!


On day 1 eleven strangers crammed into the back of a truck and by the 3rd night eleven friends were drinking beers at the bar. Thanks everyone for a great trip.  Same Same, But Different.  See you sometime in the future Yoe!

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