It Started as an Adventure, Now it’s my Life.

The Catch phrase for my blog is “It started as an adventure, now it’s my life.”  The reason I came up with this saying is that in 2007 when I took off from Florida I fully expected to return in a year or two and find a full time, long term job using my business degree. Things didn’t work out that way, which is honestly a good thing for me. Truth is it was always in the back of my mind that I may not return. I remember telling my mom as I packed my truck full of everything I could ever imagine needing, something along the lines of “If I can keep on traveling and working seasonal jobs I will, if it doesn’t work out I guess I’ll come home.” Well it definitely worked out and still is working out better than ever expected. I used my degree working as a manager at a ski resort for 5 winters doing something I truly enjoyed rather than hating my job. I feel truly blessed with all the experiences I have had over the years and all the people I have met along the way.

Over the years I have realized that working behind a desk probably isn’t for me. That the 9 to 5 grind would probably make me go crazy. That 2 weeks of vacation really is not enough. The thing is, most of my jobs are like being on vacation anyways, so it’s no big deal. I have been working seasonal jobs and traveling since 2007, usually having on average 2 months of vacation a year. Sometimes more, as is this coming year since I was unable to return to the ski resort for the 12-13 season due to other obligations. I have decided to turn 2013 into a big year for the Wild Life of Brian. In Mid January I will be heading to travel and surf SE Asia for almost 5 months. You will be hearing much more on that in the coming months, but for the rest of this article I want to clear up my life and try to help you with yours.

I’m not running from anything. I’m not looking for anything. This is what I do. I’m doing what I love. There’s nothing I’d rather be doing. I am literally living life to the fullest.

Not only that but I’m also financially better off than people that work full time year round. Statistics show that over 40% of people in the US spend more than they make a year, in other words they are in Debt. Also people don’t know how to save, retirement savings in the US is almost non existent for the majority. I have been saving for retirement since 17 years old, investing in stocks since 14. (Thanks Dad) My point is that I don’t spend all my money on traveling, I’m actually saving more money for retirement than 85% of people under 30 yrs old and 60% of people all ages. Besides retirement I’m saving to buy a home (someday) and of course I have always preached the “rainy day fund”. If you want to learn more on what you can do for yourself, read my article on saving for retirement…

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This quote tells an interesting story. To me it means why are you working a job that you hate, trying to make money, in hopes that later you may be able to retire and then spend your money and time chasing your dreams from your younger age. A long time ago I said, “I have two choices I can either get a full time job, making good money, and take one vacation a year, or I can work jobs that pay less, do what I love, and always be on vacation.” I chose the latter. I am lucky, life has been easy. I have to thank my parents for everything they gave up for their children (I am the middle of 3). They worked hard their entire lives, lived with in their means, and because of that they were able to retire well before they were 60. They taught me what was right and raised me well. I have also put a lot of work in along the way. Regardless of where you were born or how you were raised ultimately what you do in life is your decision. You can keep on being upset with your life (job, town, boy/girlfriend), or you can change.

I know it’s hard for most people to change their lives, humans are programmed to not accept change, but we are also programmed to adapt. So just because life is comfortable, you have a job or a significant other and it’s what your used to, that doesn’t mean you have to keep on being unhappy.


This is really one of my favorite quotes because that is exactly what I have been doing my entire life. I have proven that you can be successful with out following what society tells you to do. Go to college, get a job, get married, have kids, buy a house, have a lot of debt, be miserable, get a divorce, and question all your decisions in life. Maybe that is pushing it a bit, but you know what I’m talking about, I mean that is the fate of most people. Although I’m sure that is an adventure in itself I’d rather do this. Go to college, have fun doing what I love, travel the world, write a book, save money, marry the girl of my dreams, settle down, own a home, and maybe have kids.

I’m not saying I’m doing everything right, that everyone should or could live this way. I’m not saying working a 9 to 5 is wrong, or that living in the same town forever isn’t okay. That may be right for you. What I don’t understand is the people that complain about their town, their job or financial situation, and lastly with their significant other. In the end what really matters is are you Happy? Can you honestly say your happy with your life. If so, great, keep on doing what your doing. If not make a plan, set goals, stay motivated, and change your situation. I’m a true believer that you can do anything you want in life.

Article Written November 2012

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