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In May 2012 I traveled to Peru and Ecuador for 6 weeks of fun filled adventure and debauchery.  During my time traveling I stayed at all 3 of the Kokopelli Hostels, met great people, and enjoyed the city sights/activities.   They have an amazing hostel in three of the best places to see in Peru, each is decorated to suit the feel of the area and made me feel right at home.  A trip to Peru would not be complete without a stay with my friends here…  http://www.hostelkokopelli.com/

Located one block from the main park/square in the upscale neighborhood of Miraflores, this hostel kept me occupied.  The square is covered with shops and restaurants and at night they often put on some type of market or show in the middle of the park.   It’s not the normal, get in and out of Lima type place; people hang out here for weeks.  Since Lima is a major hub for S.A. travelers, the Kokopelli here is quite busy, so I was sure to book ahead.

During the day I often went surfing just a few blocks away at Waikiki beach.  It’s not as beautiful or clean as Hawaii but supposedly the wave breaks pretty similar on certain days.  I haggled my way into renting a board for about 6 USD.  There are lots of tours possible from this area and the Kokopelli will help you book day tours of Lima or even a bus on to your next destination.  The Kokopelli’s rooftop bar is a main attraction for tourists and locals alike.  When the sun goes down
you’ll find most people up top for the great happy hour deals.  Eventually people wander out to a local bar or take a short taxi ride to the club filled neighborhood of Barranco to get your dance on.  It really doesn’t matter what day of the week it is in  this part of town, there is always a party somewhere.


This hostel is also centrally located near the Plaza de Armas, the main square with restaurants, shops, and lots of tour operators.  This place is big and chilled out.  An old very open planned home featuring a back yard and a second floor bar with balconies facing the street.  Comfy chairs everywhere, several computers with internet, a pool table, foosball, and ping pong.  Don’t get sucked into staying in sticking around the hostel, eat your free breakfast and get out exploring.  Cuzco is an amazing place and is surrounded by great day trips as well.

Cuzco is the entryway to the Sacred Valley and Macchu Picchu, so there are dozens of companies selling trips, most are reputable, but be wary of the shops that look temporary.  This place is packed with adventure,  and I tried to fit it all in.  Horseback riding one day, renting a dirt bike another day, and then taking the 4 day trek to Macchu Picchu which included mountain biking, hiking for 2 days, zip lining over the jungle, and finally reaching the promised land.  Kokopelli can helped book several of my adventures as well.


My favorite of the three hostels due to its location across the street from a world famous surfing point break in Northern Peru+.   This hostel features a pool and large patio that is shared with the outside bar.  The town is quite small and there is only so much to see and do.  This is more of a relax on the beach during the day and party at night type town.  I quickly met all the tourists in town and most of the locals as well.  Lots of them were at the Kokpelli bar at night and after some drinks we would all go down to the beach, sit at a table and get bottle service for about 15 USD.

During the day I mostly surfed and slept.  I had a great time and was lucky enough to have some waist high waves working.  When the waves went flat though, I had to go, I’m not into sitting on the beach.   If there are no waves, then get a soccer ball or Frisbee from the hostel and start a game on the beach or get on the bus to Ecuador.  That’s what I did, stay tuned for another article on Ecuador.

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