Goodbye Manly, It’s Surf Trip Time.

Sydney’s Northern Beaches are the perfect mix of California like coastline and pristine Florida sand. There is beautiful beach after another filled with vibrant orange sand and separated by rock outcroppings and cliffs. For fifteen miles from Manly to Palm Beach there is a feeling of peacefulness and surf culture in every little beach community you pass. It reminds me of the beaches of Northern San Diego and at the same time the east coast of Florida.

Sydney Northern Beaches

I’m currently sitting overlooking the ocean and its crystal clear water and reflecting on my time spent here. The many days of surfing even if was too windy, the long hours working to save money for traveling, and the few nights spent partying with new friends.

manly beach

Kathmandu store

manly backpackers

Already I have been in Australia for two months. Honestly it is very much like the states except people try very hard to shorten every word, including Christmas to Chrissy! Can you believe that? If you want to shorten the word why would you add an extra s… Another one that I don’t like is Brekie instead of Breakfast. Again doing a bad job of shortening words, it should by Breky. I can’t get into speaking like an Aussie, but I have started saying mate quite a bit, and reckon.

Anyways, I’m just writing to say everything is going well and pretty much to plan. I could stay in Manly and continue to work at the Katmandu store, the factory actually wants me to work as well, but the road is calling my name. Instead of a van, I have bought a station wagon and will be road tripping to Melbourne for the next couple weeks and then on to Adelaide via the famous Great Ocean Road. The timing couldn’t be more perfect because the best swell of my trip is on the way and I’ll be passing by some of the best surf spots for it. I am feeling very blessed at this moment. It’s just me, my car, and my surfboard heading into the unknown!

sydney operah house

IMG_1550my surfboard

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