• Surfing with Sea Lions

    I’d like to get some comments on this topic. To be more specific, I mean surfing with sea lions in the water.  Today like many other days in my surfing career I saw sea lions while surfing.  I don’t really like surfing with sea lions because sharks are known to eat sea lions, however  I […]

  • Bears in Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks

    Many people often confuse these two national parks, their locations, and main attractions. Having visited Yosemite over a dozen times and Yellowstone three times I thought I would educate my friends on the differences in the parks and tell at least one funny bear story in the meantime. Yosemite is in the heart of California’s […]

  • Solo Alpine Backpacking

    It was a beautiful mid September morning when I left Badlands National Park in South Dakota heading to Custer State Park near Mount Rushmore.  After setting up my tent and heating up dinner on the camp stove I met my neighbors who were starting a camp fire.  They offered me a beer and told me to stay awhile to enjoy […]