• Surfing with Sea Lions

    I’d like to get some comments on this topic. To be more specific, I mean surfing with sea lions in the water.  Today like many other days in my surfing career I saw sea lions while surfing.  I don’t really like surfing with sea lions because sharks are known to eat sea lions, however  I […]

  • Bears in Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks

    Many people often confuse these two national parks, their locations, and main attractions. Having visited Yosemite over a dozen times and Yellowstone three times I thought I would educate my friends on the differences in the parks and tell at least one funny bear story in the meantime. Yosemite is in the heart of California’s […]

  • Street Food Vietnam

    The street food scene in Vietnam is Phenomonal. Better than any other country I have ever been to. Words can not explain  how good and cheap this stuff is but I will try. Here’s a rundown of a few of the dishes and about what they should cost you. For clarification purposes anytime I mention greens […]

  • Goodbye Manly, It’s Surf Trip Time.

    Sydney’s Northern Beaches are the perfect mix of California like coastline and pristine Florida sand. There is beautiful beach after another filled with vibrant orange sand and separated by rock outcroppings and cliffs. For fifteen miles from Manly to Palm Beach there is a feeling of peacefulness and surf culture in every little beach community […]

  • It Started as an Adventure, Now it’s my Life.

    The Catch phrase for my blog is “It started as an adventure, now it’s my life.”  The reason I came up with this saying is that in 2007 when I took off from Florida I fully expected to return in a year or two and find a full time, long term job using my business degree. Things […]

  • Trekking Chaing Mai

    The thing to do when you arrive in Chaing Mai, Thailand is to book a trek into the mountains (more like hills) to visit some local tribes, take in the natural beauty of the area, and ride an elephant! I was most excited about carrying my backpack into the hills and living the simple life; […]

  • Solo Alpine Backpacking

    It was a beautiful mid September morning when I left Badlands National Park in South Dakota heading to Custer State Park near Mount Rushmore.  After setting up my tent and heating up dinner on the camp stove I met my neighbors who were starting a camp fire.  They offered me a beer and told me to stay awhile to enjoy […]

  • Kokopelli Hostels – Peru

    In May 2012 I traveled to Peru and Ecuador for 6 weeks of fun filled adventure and debauchery.  During my time traveling I stayed at all 3 of the Kokopelli Hostels, met great people, and enjoyed the city sights/activities.   They have an amazing hostel in three of the best places to see in Peru, each […]