Queensland Area

Queensland is the Northeast territory of Australia and reaches from the rain forests north of Cairns to the sunny beaches south of Brisbane.  It is considered the touristic area of Australia.


I almost didn’t go to Cairns but decided a trip to Australia is not complete with out visiting the Great Barrier Reef.  So I booked a plane ticket and made it happen.  So glad I did, the Reef was amazing and I also took a trip up to the rain forests.  The top 2 pictures are of the Cairns Lagoon area,  there is no beach in the city of Cairns, the ocean is all mud flats in this area, so they built a big pool.


Surfers Paradise

The developers of this city must have had a background in marketing. It’s a great name to draw tourists to the theme parks that are nearby but I tell you there is no good surfing in this town.  To the south of town in Coolangata or even farther south in Byron Bay is where the surf is.

Byron Bay

This chilled out hippie haven casts its spell on thousands of backpackers every year.   Many people arrive at Byron Bay for a week of lounging on the beach and 6 months later they are still here. The sun, sand, and surf are a big draw for most people and the town is right in it. My hostel (Main Beach) is a 2 min walk to the sand.