My Name is Brian Calder and I’m addicted to Adventure


  • Travel Highlights

    • France Study Abroad and EuroRail
    • 5 months backpacking S.E. Asia
    • Macchu Picchu and the Amazon Jungle
    • Australia Working Holiday Visa Experience
  • Cool Jobs

    • Canoe and Fishing Guide
    • Ski School Manager
    • Helicopter Wild Fire Crew
    • Trek Leader for Road Trips
  • Other Hobbies

    • Surfing the World
    • Snowboarding the Deep POW
    • Working out and Running
    • Investing in the Stock Market
  • Everyone Has a Story to Tell…

    I have lots of stories to tell.  Hopefully some of them interest you.  The majority of them are about my travels to SE. Asia, Australia, and around the United States.  I’m not unique in that I travel, lots of people do, but the way I go about things is different than most people.  Finding jobs that others don’t even know exist like leading road trips across the USA or becoming a manager at a ski resort even though I grew up in Florida.  The main reason for this website is for sharing photos from my two years of endless summers.  Working with a helicopter wildfire crew in the US summer and then packing the bags for S.E. Asia and Australia for the winter.

  • SE Asia

    SE Asia

    For three months I followed the crowd on what is known as the Banana Pancake Trail.  It got it’s name because banana pancakes are often served as breakfast from the guesthouses backpackers stay at.  Most backpackers either start or end their trip in Thailand. To read more click here.



    Going to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa had been a dream of mine since graduating college.  It kept being put on the back burner because of the time and money needed to travel around such a large continent.  Every place I went to in Australia was truly amazing.  Read about and see pictures of my favorite territory here.



    Often times people forget to appreciate what is in their own backyard.  The truth is the US has just about everything you could want when looking for adventure.  I have been very lucky to have jobs that paid me to explore the United States.  It all started when I was in college and worked as a trip leader for Outdoor Pursuits, taking college students on outdoor trips around the South East.

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